Combining two materials in one furniture item can give more benefits in design aspects. Aluminum, for example, is a common material to combine with teak wood furniture. These materials are an ideal combination for many modern furniture items, both for outdoor and indoor uses.

Learn why aluminum and teak make a great combination, and how you can get furniture with these materials together.

Characteristics of Aluminum and Teak Wood Furniture

Aluminum and teak wood are similar in characteristics. They are both durable, and have resistance toward water, rust, rot, or fading. Their maintenance is quite easy, which makes these materials ideal for outdoor furniture. Aluminum often serves as supporting bars and frames, while teak is the main parts.

From an aesthetic point of view, teak wood has more visual beauty than aluminum. While aluminum can be coated, teak wood has natural wood grain patterns and color that slowly darkens with age.

teak aluminium furniture
aluminum and teak wood furniture offer beauty and practical benefits. Here is why you should buy it, and where is the best place to order.

Are There Downsides in Aluminum and Teak?

Teak wood and aluminum last for many years, but teak requires a little more maintenance than aluminum. Teak needs regular cleaning with homemade cleaners, such as vinegar water or detergent and chlorine. Indoor teak furniture also needs regular oiling to keep its appearance.

Meanwhile, aluminum requires less cleaning, but it is often too light. People who live in windy areas (or areas with strong wind gusts) often find their outdoor aluminum furniture get blown away by the wind.

Combining teak with aluminum is a perfect solution for these downsides. Teak contributes to aesthetic and “weight”, while aluminum makes the furniture lighter and more resistant against wear-and-tear.

Best Furniture with Aluminum and Teak Wood

Many furniture items now have a combination of aluminum and teak wood. Products from Indonesia-based Republic Furniture Group, for example, have collections of outdoor furniture that combine the two materials. Products such as love seats, corner seats, coffee tables, and dining tables have aluminum supports with teak frames.

These products also come in sets, which are perfect if you need a complete furniture arrangement. You can get garden seats with table, patio lounge sets, outdoor chair sets, dining tables with benches, and chair-with-ottoman sets. You can even order a customized product from Republic Furniture Group, which is ideal for a specific designing project.

Aluminum and teak products from Republic are especially good because local craftsmen make them in Jepara Regency, which is famous for its teak furniture industry. You can buy various indoor and outdoor furniture items, or order customized products based on your needs. If you are interested in having aluminum and teak wood furniture, visit republik.tes for inquiry and order.

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