deep seating sofa 1As one of the most important rooms in a house, living room serves multiple purposes. For you as the owner, the room needs to be a comfortable space where you can spend your spare time. In addition, it should create a welcoming sense for the guests and other family members that pay a visit on some occasions.

Those purposes should be kept in mind when you arrange the furniture in the living room. Luckily, with deep seating sofa as the main sofa furniture, you can achieve both purposes at once. The following layouts will guide you to create a stylish and functional living room that everyone can enjoy.

1.     Conversational Layout

If you entertain guests or other family members most of the time, this living room arrangement is a fantastic choice. The layout requires two identical deep seating sofas that face each other in a symmetrical design. That way, you can have a perfect two-way conversation in when everyone sits face-to-face.

In the conversational layout, you can place a medium-sized coffee table between the sofas to put down the drink or snacks while entertaining. Alternatively, some additional chairs or stools are also good to be put on one side of the sofas. This layout works better if you have a spacious living room. However, it can be applied to a small living room as well if you choose narrow furniture and a pair of smaller sofas.

deep seating sofa 2

2.     Movie Night Layout

Besides entertaining guests or visitors, living room is often used as a space for family members to watch movies together, or simply, watch TV on regular basis. If this purpose is what you want to achieve, try to apply a movie night layout. It requires a wide deep seating sofa—enough for all family members to sit on—and some plush or tufted ottomans.

Place the sofa right toward your big TV and put a pair of ottomans near the seating space. The ottomans can serve as the table to set down your snacks or as the additional seats when some guests come to join you. When they are not used for both purposes, you can rest your feet on them while enjoying your favorite movies or shows.

3.     Open-Plan Layout

Sometimes, living room is built in an adjacent plan where it connects directly to the kitchen or dining area. For this type of plan, choose an L-shaped deep seating sofa as the main furniture. Since the sofa will be placed in an open room without barriers or walls, it is important for you to take all parts of the sofa into account. Consider to choose a sofa with stylish back part, because the furniture will be seen often from the other rooms.

deep seating sofa 3For additional touch, you can include some lounge chairs, a coffee table, or a side table near the sofa. Be sure to place every piece of furniture in a compatible arrangement, so that they can create a good flow.

Now you can choose one of the above layouts to make a stylish living room with deep seating sofa as the focal point. Whichever arrangement you decide to use, remember to balance the furniture and the size of your living room.

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