The Regency of Jepara in Indonesia is the most famous sources of Indonesia furniture, especially the ones made of teak wood. If you look for high-quality teak wood furniture, order from the exporter that sells original Jepara products. The prices you pay are worthy of the craftsmanship and quality, especially if you order custom products.

History of Indonesia Furniture from Jepara

Jepara wood crafts originated from the 16th century, with historical proofs pointed at engravings and woodcrafts commissioned by Queen Kalinyamat from the Kingdom of Demak. Jepara engravers later received support from Kartini, Indonesia’s national hero famous for her thoughts in women’s right. Kartini taught craftsmen the importance of designs and marketing. She also founded a craft school in 1929.

Jepara woodcrafts took off in between 1970 and 1981. Small companies and workshops started to receive orders from other areas in Indonesia. The beauty and durability of their workmanship, including the furniture, were slowly being recognized. Teakwood became one of the most popular materials to work with.

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Jepara produces premium Indonesia furniture from high-quality teak wood. Find out why Jepara premium furniture is the best, and how you can order it.

Why is Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture Famous?

Teakwood furniture from Jepara is recognized as a premium product. Here are several good reasons for its status:

Teakwood’s durability also makes it ideal for outdoor furnitures, such as patio seats, lounge sofas, and picnic benches. The wood withstands elements such as rain, wind, and hot temperature better than many other wood types.

How to Get Premium Teak Wood Furniture from Indonesia

Indonesian company and workshop Republic Furnitures exports Jepara furniture to other countries. To this day, Republic has served customers in more than 35 countries. It specializes in premium teak wood furniture made by local, experienced workers. The workshop also works on customized orders, perfect if you have a specific design in mind.

Wondering how you can order premium teakwood furniture? Visit republik.tes to find information about order, inquiry, and customization request. Have the best Indonesia furniture in any property you want with Republic.

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