Do you need lovely exterior furniture for your patio? Check out these newest sun lounger and lounger chair designs.

lounger for patio

Today, there is a significant raise in the number of startup companies in Indonesia. This only means, there will be many more office buildings and patio area. If you are one of them, you might want to have an attractive office and patio that pretty much represents your company to your potential clients. Getting the right furniture can be one of the attempts. You need sun lounger and lounger chair for your patio—where you meet your clients.

Patio Needs Attractive, Modern Furniture

Whether you own or rent an office building for your company, you need new furniture. Desks, chairs, and book shelves might have come across your mind first, but how about your office lounge or lobby, and patio—the face of your office? Have you thought about the furniture for the area of your office where potential clients see your company for the first time? Your choice of furniture might change the future of your company.

If you have a modern minimalist-designed office, you have to think of more sophisticated and functional furniture. There are numerous colors, designs, and materials that will suit your needs. Sun lounger and lounger chair are some of the examples of exterior furniture you might need.

Let Your Clients Enjoy Your Cozy Lounge Chairs

As mentioned before, the lounge or lobby is the face of your office. It is supposed to be the place where your clients enjoy being in your office. Therefore, choose the best lounge chairs that suit your lounge so much.

For the minimalist office, you may choose something simple like a set of cushioned armless chairs with a small metal coffee table. The colors should be eye-refreshing like white, baby blue, turquoise, light grey, etc. Place a rug under the set of your lounge chairs, and there you go!

If you have a more spacious lounge, you may place a bigger set of lounge chairs there. Canyon Loungeset can be one of your options. Made with teak wood, this elegant-looking lounge set consists of a single armless chair, left and right double chairs with end tables, a corner armless chair, and a coffee table. It is great for either lounge or patio.

lounger for patio 2

Modern Sun Loungers for Your Patio

Curvy wooden sun loungers are modern and stylish. They are great for relaxing on your office patio near the pool or pond while having some coffee or tea on your coffee break time. The colors are usually natural woody colors, great for outdoors. Although designed without any cushions, this curvy sun lounger can also be therapy for your back pain after sitting too long in front of the computer, as it follows the curves of the human body.

Are you a fan of classic sun loungers? No worries, there is always a classic and universal sun lounger. Matira Collection is one of them. This timeless collection is portable—since there is a pair of small wheels on the bottom of it to move around—and enjoyable for any ages. Come with cushions, this sun lounger is made with durable teak wood—plus a lifetime warranty, so quality is not a problem of the collection.

lounger for patio

Therefore, it is important to choose the right suppliers to have qualified sun lounger and lounger chair furniture for your office. One of them is CV Republic Furniture based in three places in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. The company is trusted not only for making good quality furniture in designs and materials but also experienced in distributing their products all around the world. So, go get yours, now!

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