indonesia furniture manufacturer
indonesia furniture manufacturer

Either you have a minimalist house or an apartment, you will need the best manufacturer of furniture Indonesia has ever had for furniture that fits your home as follows.

Houses are getting smaller nowadays—especially with the global financial crisis going on. Some people even choose to live in apartments with only two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a living room divided with a partition to form a small kitchen. The next problem will be what furniture can fit a house/apartment that small. Luckily, there are more great manufacturers and suppliers of furniture Indonesia has ever had for your home.

The Problems of a Minimalist House

Despite the fact that minimalist (small-sized) houses have always been a trend, their owners often experience dilemmas when designing or decorating the interior. It is also difficult for them to choose the right furniture that could fit the house. Owners of larger houses will never have to face the same problem.

Fortunately, the development of the interior design world has given us many options now. The following are some minimalist furniture Indonesia has ever made and distributed worldwide.

teak furniture manufacturer
teak furniture manufacturer

The Multi functionality of Modern Minimalist Furniture

Speaking of minimalist furniture, it means multi functionality. Single furniture can have more than one function, and yes, it is important since there is no spacious room in your house. We may start it from your living room where every member of the family gather and do a lot of activities together, such as watching TV, snacking, drinking coffee and tea, and playing cards or board games. Sofa bed or armchair bed is one of the solutions so you can sit back and relax without having to block anybody else’s moves.

The sliding tray on the minimalist coffee table can be shifted in and out as needed. A drawer hidden under the table can give more space for newspapers and magazines, showing a neater and well-organized atmosphere.

Meanwhile, in the dining room, there is a flexible dining table that can be used for six people, and even has the option of creating space inside and in the middle of the table, as a place to store spices and eating utensils. The chairs themselves have a drawer under each of them, good enough to keep dining clothes or other stuff.

In addition to that lovely dining set, there is also Trolley Collection made by The Republic Furniture, Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer designed and functioned for carrying beverages and foods, as well as for a movable kitchen island or countertop. Made of fine teak wood, this trolley is a good quality one for your special events like birthday parties.

In your bed room, do not miss Georgopol bed which gives not only comfort but also more space for your things. It has small drawers under the bed frame that can store clothes, jewelry, and cosmetics. It is made with durable teak, so you do not have to worry about its quality.

republic furniture company profile
republic furniture company profile

Choose Only the Best Furniture Manufacturers/Suppliers in Indonesia

Choosing the right furniture can be a tough job to do, but you have to work fast to solve it. The good news is, we live in the online era where we can just search on Google for everything we need right away—including minimalist furniture for your home!

Hence, in order to complete your modern minimalist home, it is important to choose at least one of the best manufacturers or suppliers of furniture Indonesia has ever had. One of them is CV Republic Furniture based in three places in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. The company is trusted not only for making good quality furniture in designs and materials but also experienced in distributing their products all around the world. So, go get yours, now!

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