Indonesian Custom Made Furniture is a special service offered by Republic Furniture Group for customers, especially for those who are looking for quality furniture with special services, namely making style designs in custom made various types of Indonesia Furniture, according to the needs and desires of the customers. Quality and quality remain a priority in every work done, because each work process determines the final product made.

Indonesia Custom Made Furniture is a special service from Republic Furniture Group as an Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer, Suppliers, Wholesale Exporter to many countries in the world. We accept special orders, if the customers have their own designs, and want to implement them into a work of custom made furniture products, we are ready to work with a high level of precision. Various types of design can be done well, because we have experience working on chairs, tables, benches and many more.

custom made furnitureAs the initial stage of making Indonesia custom made furniture, you can directly consult with us, through existing contacts, telephone, email or whatsapp, or you can also manage online communication via Skype. If indeed you are doing a business trip to Indonesia, you can immediately come to the city of Jepara, Central Java province, to discuss more details about the shape, size, model and raw materials of custom made furniture that will be processed.

Indonesian custom made furniture is an art work with a level of difficulty that may be greater when compared to making furniture with existing models and types. But our workshop is ready to complete all the production processes well, because the work that requires this art factor is handled by experienced Jepara native craftsmen, who have high skills, work done from generation to generation in Jepara, well-known Jepara furniture craft center to various parts of the world.

Ordering process for Indonesian Custom Made Furniture

You can immediately deal with us about Indonesia Custom Made Furniture, meet, negotiate and process further. If the order in the form of wholesale with a quantity in a certain amount, then the price will be very competitive, we will give the best price, the more the number of purchase orders, then the price will be cheaper. Please note that the material can be made from many types of wood, teak wood with a variety of grades, mahogany, flare wood, and can also be a combination of wood with other types of materials such as aluminum, iron or stainless steel and many other combinations. Besides making the main products from Indonesian custom made furniture, we are also ready to make custom orders for supporting products, accessories to various kinds of cushion to get the complete product.

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