Teak is one of the popular materials that people use to manufacture furniture. You may also have modern teak bedroom furniture for your home as follows.

Bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in every home as there you spend your time resting after working hard all day long. Therefore, many people design their bedrooms as cozy and homey as possible. Do not forget that furniture is the most important element in designing any rooms. You may also have teak bedroom furniture to make your bedroom design look more modern yet posh. Here are some of the designs.

Why Choose Teak Bedroom Furniture?

There are so many choices of materials for bedroom furniture, but why teak? Having been found in Southeast Asia—especially Indonesia, teak is considered valuable and long-lasting. PT Perhutani, the official company, manages teak wood plantations in Central Java, Indonesia. It takes about 80 years to harvest mature teak wood which explains why old/second-hand teak furniture usually gets recycled.

With teak wood, you may gain advantages, such as:

Multifunctional Beds

Modern teak bedroom furniture is identical with multifunctionality. The more functions furniture has, the better, as it represents modern minimalism in home designs. One of the examples is multifunctional beds. The modern teak bed can usually be functioned as drawers, book shelves, or even charging spots.

cordoba teak bedroom furniture
cordoba teak bedroom furniture

A modern bed that has three simple drawers on the bottom of it can be a great choice in furnishing your bedroom. Beds like Georgopol or Cordoba beds are the ones materialized with good quality teak wood. That makes the beds not only long-lasting, but also elegant. You can use the drawers to keep your clothes, magazines, etc. The product has also been naturally fine sanded on each of its sides.

There are also multifunctional bunk beds which are favorites for your children bedrooms. Bunk beds are beds stacked on top of another and are usually functioned as the other furniture such as drawers to store your children’s toys or clothes and book shelves to keep their favorite bedtime story books.

Stylish Wardrobes and Bedsides

Wardrobes and bedsides are also important in your bedrooms. Their existence is either functional or aesthetic. With teak bedroom furniture, you may have both. Made with qualified teak wood, Milan Wardrobe, one of the types of teak bedsides and wardrobes shipped worldwide do not only durable and stylish, but also multifunctional.

The multiple shelves inside the products can properly store your belongings. They are also finalized with fine sanding process to make them perfect.

geopol teak bedroom furniture
geopol teak bedroom furniture

Simple yet Elegant TV Stands

Despite the fact that TV is not an important thing to have at home, it is still needed in your bedroom for your entertainment before bedtime. Therefore, you also need a TV stand that can carry your flat LCD-screened TV. Portsmouth TV Stand can be a good idea. Combining between multifunctionality and elegance, the modern TV stand also has three shelves on the lower part to keep your DVD player and DVD collection.

tv stand bedroom
tv stand bedroom

Therefore, it is also important to choose the right supplier to have your bedrooms furnished with good quality teak bedroom furniture. One of them is CV Republic Furniture based in three places in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. The company is trusted not only for making good quality furniture in designs and materials, but also experienced in distributing their products all around the world. So, go get yours, now!

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