Decorating a modern patio requires the same attention as house interior. A shaded or semi-opened patio offers more freedom in choosing the furniture. Create a luxurious but comfortable look using the best outdoor furniture Indonesia has to offer.

Modern Outdoor Furniture Trend to Adopt

The new trend for outdoor furniture is sleek, light, and timeless. Gone are bulky, overly-decorated pieces that are only suitable for a season. Open silhouette, versatile function, and high mobility are things that modern homeowners look for. They are perfect for outdoor activities such as lunch party, family gathering, or socializing with friends.

Light couches and lounge seats also become popular for posh patio furniture. People can kick back and relax on these seats, just like in their own living rooms. Many lounge seats often come with low tables that almost have no legs. This arrangement is perfect for poolside patio or private beach, such as in resorts.

Modern furniture trend also sees the rise of customized, handmade elements. Buying handmade products, especially in the case of exported goods, give additional prestige and value. Customized option also helps workers creating furniture that suits your needs.

Canyon Outdoor Furniture Indonesia
Canyon Outdoor Furniture Indonesia outdoor furniture Indonesia from Republic Furniture Group provides high-quality products for modern outdoor trend. Learn how to order here.

Reasons to Buy Outdoor Furniture from Indonesia

Indonesia is a home of many fantastic furniture makers. Jepara Regency in Central Java Province, for example, is famous for the wooden furniture industry. Furniture makers in this area use high-quality teak wood to produce chairs, tables, and closets. The materials and craftsmanship create sturdy, durable, and beautiful furniture items.

Many of Jepara craft studios are owned by families, creating strong needs to put quality and dedication forward. Republic Furniture Group, for example, originated from a 1999 family business that has developed into a successful company. Combining high-quality local materials, customization service, and skillful workers, Republic Furniture serves customers in more than 35 countries.

Republic Furniture Group provides the best Jepara furniture to adorn patios, terraces, swimming pools, and gardens around the world. Outdoor collections such as San Marino, Vienna, and Vista provide sleek, modern patio seats. For more laidback, cozy atmosphere, lounge sets such as Portola Bay and Moines are ideal options. The lounge sets come with a table, end tables, and armchair, which give options for all the seaters.

Outdoor Furniture Indonesia
Outdoor Furniture Indonesia

How to Order Outdoor Furniture from Indonesia

The international popularity of Jepara furniture has made it easy for global customers to order from Indonesia. You can find catalogue and contact address at Republic Furniture Group’s official website, republik.tes. Interested buyers can order or inquire about customization projects, perfect for those who love well-tailored furniture items.

Outdoor furniture Indonesia offers craftsmanship, quality, and perfect design elements to match your outdoor space. Follow modern outdoor décor trend by ordering Indonesian furniture right now.

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