Indonesia Furniture also serves reproduction orders of various models and styles according to custom orders. Reproduction furniture is made from various types of wood, from teak, mahogany, oak and many other choices. Our company already has the experience to produce these orders, even for wholesale orders, in large quantities and exported abroad. Apart from producing modern furniture, various antique models can be created, resembling the original, producing high quality products. Custom Reproduction Furniture is very possible, besides because the factory has implemented modern technology, it is also supported by the experience of experts in producing it according to what buyers want, wherever they come from.

We can produce various custom reproduction furniture products from small scale to mass production. From the dining room furniture, chairs, tables, bedrooms, everything is done through a careful and high-quality process. Classic colonial style models from various countries such as America, Chinese, England, Dutch, France all have their own special characteristics, and all of them can be done custom here. These designs are produced with high techniques, adjusted according to each characteristic, resulting in a strong character of each reproduction furniture. Not only for the interior in the house, the reproduction furniture application is also suitable for outdoor furniture, such as in the garden or terrace of the house, adjusting to the overall design. 

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Custom Reproduction Furniture will always maintain the quality of the final product, because that is one of the main missions of the company, to produce high quality furniture products with international standards. Our production center is located in the city of Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia, and has become a center for antique and modern handicrafts for Indonesian furniture products, including custom reproduction furniture that has been exporting to various countries. We are experienced in handling reproduction of industrial furniture, many of our customers are satisfied with our service, and of course satisfied with our production results.

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