furniture project
furniture project

Do you have a hotel interior design project to work on? You need high quality furniture to support your work, then. Choose the right supplier of hotel furniture like the following.

hotel furniture
hotel furniture

Who is not mesmerized when stepping into a 5-star hotel room? You will certainly be impressed and feel very comfortable to have a rest in the hotel room. Given the hotel’s stunning interior designs and amenities—that include furniture, it is not impossible that you will go back. Here are a few tips on designing an ideal hotel room and choosing the right supplier hotel furniture.

Interior Designs: Color Choice and Ambience

Have you noticed the interiors of a 4 or 5-star hotel room? Almost all the hotel rooms emphasize the harmony between the color of the selected wall paint and the existing furniture. They usually choose light brown or beige/cream to flush the walls with while the furniture is in dark brown and made with dark wood which will make the color look more natural.

Meanwhile, the color of accessories—like curtains and bed covers—can be harmonized with the aforementioned colors or you can choose brighter colors like orange, yellow, red, and many more.

Not all sides of the hotel present beautiful scenery, but this is one of the characteristics of all favorite 5-star hotels. The average hotel rooms display amazing outdoor views as the main spot. If you also want to create that atmosphere in your hotel, set a sliding glass window on the wall. Place the window against the patio, garden, or swimming pool.

The Furniture from Your Trusted Supplier

The beds, bed frames, bed sides, wardrobes, and bathrooms are the main furniture that should exist in a hotel room. Your project will be successful when you find good quality supplier hotel furniture.

Speaking of bed frames, Cordoba Bed Collection from CV Republic Furniture offers not only comfort but also quality and style. Made with fine teak wood, the bed frame is certainly durable—making it more valuable and money-saving. The rectangular-shape of the bed frame is classic yet timeless. The natural wood color also adds more elegance to it.

Different from Miramar, a classic design for a bed frame that will make you sleep like the royal family from the baroque era. Back in that time, kings, queens, and their relatives slept on four-poster beds complete with a canopy on top and drapes hanging from it. It feels so stylish and romantic for hotel visitors who are couples on a honeymoon vacation.

hotel and resort project
hotel and resort project

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Accessories

Another distinctive feature of a luxury hotel room is the accessories, for instance, light-penetrated windows or curtains. Sun light will not easily enter when you close the curtain. Apply this at your hotel by attaching panels and a choice of elegantly cut curtains. Choose materials that are slightly thicker and look luxurious with posh colors like off-white, beige, or gold. Curtains like these can cover up the outside scenery that might not be interesting.

As mentioned above, the concept of your room is a luxurious hotel room. Like a hotel room, of course, the bed should suit neutral colored bed sheets. The colors chosen usually match the colors of the furniture or the wall paint. Overall, the color of the bed sheet is more dominated by white and cream which seem more natural. You can also apply this to your home bedrooms.

Last but not least, it is also important to choose the right supplier of hotel with Indonesia furniture. One of them is CV Republic Furniture based in three places in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. The company is trusted not only for making good quality furniture in designs and materials but also experienced in distributing their products all around the world. So, go get yours, now!

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