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To delight in your beautiful garden, you need to present some comfortable outdoor furniture. Besides applying the convenience value, don’t forget to add some aesthetic parts in it. Unless you come with clues, these stunning teak outdoor furniture sets for your garden would be lovely to check out.

Tauro Garden

To perfect your garden time while enjoying a cup of afternoon tea, touro garden becomes the finest selection to do that. It’s a type of a teak armchair with lines relatively strong, making a statement in your outdoor space. You will find it filled with rustic feeling and personality.

At a glance, touro garden brings traditional concept. However, it’s the best representation of a contemporary piece of work. It consists of two parts, i.e. dining chair and side table. The chair itself goes with fine rounded arms. It also glamorizes rationale classicism and modern minimalism. And it’s made of high-quality teak wood with high durability.

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Columbia Collection

Get the most out of your laid-back moment while enjoying your tropical garden with Columbia collection. The model of this furniture set adjusts today’s outdoor living trend. The up-to-the-minute sides of Columbia collection can be seen from the details. The presence of this set is able to create warmth and, for sure, charm.

The set of this lovely outdoor furniture highlights four pieces including armless deep seating, corner deep seating, and two tables (back and coffee). Those pieces are well integrated, perfecting your green background. The classy lines are supported by the best selection of highly selected wood.


Auckland Dining Outdoor

Planning to relish on some mouth-watering foods whilst getting stunned by your garden? Ensure that place the set of Auckland dining outdoor. What makes this adorable furniture is so special is how it’s finely presented. It’s characterized by frame-type models where the pieces of wood become the focal point.

Made of the best quality teak wood, the set of Auckland dining door is resistant to any weather-related issues, termites, and surely water. It contains woody elements – dining chair and dining table. The chair has simple and classic designs while the table is modest yet full of meaning. What are you waiting for? Enliven your backyard and patio with this.

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Carlow Collection

Another variety that carries out the senses of being pacified, is nothing else but Carlow collection. It combines two ideas so-called drift and dream. These philosophies have an indication that the people can fully enjoy their time whilst taking a seat on the chair. The prime-quality of its craftsmanship is nothing but amazing.

In addition to that, Carlow collection is comprised of three main elements named love seat deep seating, single seat deep seating, as well as coffee table. The wooden frames of the seating, carefully made, are occupied by comfortable cushion shaded in grey. The fabrics layering the cushion are weatherproof.

To make a long story short, those ideas in regard to the outdoor furniture sets for your garden are highly recommended for those who admire modernity and conventional touch. Get your liking, folks!

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