teak outdoor furniture – Not all wood furniture is expensive. Some of them are cheap. Even as cheap as plastic furniture. However, one day you may see a wooden table in a thrift shop and say,” Why is wood furniture so expensive?”. Then what you see is high-quality wooden furniture. Its high resistance to all environmental conditions makes this wood high quality.

The Choice is Yours 

Just like when we find teak wood which can last a long time, is flexible when you use any design, and has naturally beautiful motifs. This is different from cheap furniture which looks beautiful, is comfortable when you use it, and comes from a shop that prioritizes aesthetic value. But in the end, this cheap wooden furniture cannot last long. Especially if there is a termite attack then outdoor furniture often gets extreme weather. 

All choices are in your hands. Will you decide to choose that certain wooden furniture after assessing it is so expensive or go to look at the cheap one but there is uncertainty in the quality?

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Determining the Price of Wooden Furniture

The high price of wooden furniture is not always due to the type of wood. Other factors accompany it. We all know that teak wood is quite expensive. Then a craftsman makes custom wooden furniture with complicated designs according to the customer’s order. The price for manufacturing until completion and delivery will certainly soar high. 

On another occasion, Teak Wood met an artist who had a concept for designing wooden furniture for his exhibition. He used pure solid wood straight from the three. We know that there are two types of solid wood. Hardwood is dense and the leaf change is often slower so the waiting time for harvest is long. This is an expensive quality wood that many people strive for. 

Meanwhile, other artists make wooden furniture for personal needs from softwood. This wood is less dense and comes from faster-growing trees. This softwood will produce more wood so the processing of products is also faster. Then if they want to sell it, the price will not be as expensive as the work of artists who use hard solid wood. 

Then you can also determine the high price of wooden furniture based on the use of technology to mass-produce furniture. There is an assembly flow in the production which makes this furniture of high quality. No wonder we can see superior quality wooden furniture, which was previously a luxury item, now available in most houses and offices.

Meanwhile, you can’t deny the handmade wooden furniture which has the potential to increase the selling price of wooden furniture. Some people doubt the industrialization of furniture making because it causes skill levels and taste of beauty to decline. Craftsmen who design furniture will be more excellent at producing works with their own hands. This requires a high level of precision to create perfect details.

So, if you’re looking for a skillful and professional craftsman, you can contact us now. We will provide proof that wooden furniture is indeed expensive but satisfying for your sustainable life for decades.